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KA155 RAY KAJIOKA - "Thrill"

[release°: 2011-11-25]

12" - 07.00 € - available


mp3 12"-bundle - 2.99 €
including a - Thrill | b1 - Triple | b2 - Unit


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SamplesSINGLE MP3 320 kbps
a - Thrill
b1 - Triple
b2 - Unit
load: infosheet | artwork

In our release meeting at the Kanzleramt Studio some sunny afternoon Ray didn’t quite know which tracks to pick for his next Kanzleramt release. So he started “Thrill” right there and then until the track was finished about midnight. Quiet a long meeting that was, but very much worth it. Everybody meet “Thrill”!

Ray Kajioka’s release in September this year “Sparks” had some great support from Funk D’Void, Technasia, Laurent Garnier, Peter Kruder, Ken Ishii, Alan Fitzpatrick, Stephan Bodzin, Adam Beyer and Ben Sims, just to name a view...

Currently Ray is remixing a new track of Alexander Kowalski for Damage Music, Berlin.

Also please check on Ray’s latest podcast for Waveforms, Croatia

Quotes about “Thrill” so far:

Dustin Zahn:
Thrill is great! one of the best EPs since you relaunched the label!

Mat, the Zone Radioshow Rome/NYC:
Yes support on radio!

Dave Ellesmere:
wow what happened to ray ...he#s on fire right now !!!!
another great release from kanzleramt and great to see ray back on the map ...good stuff !

DocePulgadas International RadioShow, Valencia:
Please send files for airplay.

Bleed, De-Bug:
schickst du mir einen link? :)

Gabriel Le Mar:
vielen Dank für die Musik - klasse EP - vor allem Triple kickt mich besonders -
verführerischer Groove, hypnotische Bass Marimba  und schön deeper flow - big-up.

Claude Young:
Fantastic EP!
Really Love Thrill & Unit!!! Full support of course!!!

Gabriel Ananda:
Thrill and Triple are both nice! Good stuff, thanks for sending me!

Jean, Spirit Catcher:

Magic B, Moscow:
Cool vibes and another one winner release of Ray! Love all 3 tracks,thanks a lot for good music!

Joel Mull:
I think the TRIPLE track and UNIT are superb.
Thrill is great too.
But then i think Spark and Trill are really similar.
And Spark im playing in every set.
Will try Thrill also.

Alan Fitzpatrick:
lovely EP! looking forward to play!

Leandro Gámez:
Need the 2 Ts in my dj life, "Thrill" & "Triple", to hit the masses.
I see that the label is on a hectic period of releasing gems. Good luck then.

Pär Grindvik:
been playing "sparks" every single gig lately.. such a great one! can’t wait to try these three out as well! thanks

Angel Molina:
more music > more feedbacks!
'Unit' for me on this release.
and my thanks, as always.

Alexander Kowalski:
Wow! Ray did it again! Like on his last ep i like all tracks, Very good productions!!

Adam Beyer:
amazing release! Yes please.

Byron Bogues (Baby Bogues, Choke Music):
Nice atmospheric stuff. Will play "Thrill & Triple".

Charles, Technasia:
thrill is very good! will play a lot

Stephan Hinz, SWR3:
I love Triple!

Alland Byallo | Poker Flat:
Really nice proper techno. Will give these some rotation, especially "Triple". Thanks!

Woody McBride:
more magic. will play the shit out of these.

Estroe Roozendaal:
Great release by Ray again! I'm folloing in love with his style of techno. :-)
May I please have the mp3's?

Martin Eyerer, Kling Klong, Session Deluxe:
another cool release from Ray again. Not that strong as the last one but still big!

Roberto Kai-Zen:
Thrill and Triple are immense! Will definitely support these. Mr Kajioka is coming with some amazing music at the minute :-)

Stephan Bodzin:
bomb!!!!!!! love the 155!!!! full support.

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