with 55 surprise Cat-No’s

This bundle contains:

48 x 12″
5 x 2xLP
2x 3xLP

444,00 555,00 

Kanzleramt Record-Case Bundle

Our record-cases include new and identical 55 vinyl catalogue numbers spanning from most recent back to 1994. A good chunk of it is rare and unlisted for a long time. To be exact 48 x 12″es, 5 x 2xLP and 2x 3xLP, making it 64 vinyl 12″ discs in total.

All packed into an Kanzleramt aluminium recordcase. – Select at EDITION
(We didn’t offer the case at the time because it has some scratches from shipping.)


our vinyl only edition without our record-case including only our vinyl 12″ bundle. – Select at EDITION.