Aluminium Record-Case
with 55 suprise Cat-No’s

48 x 12″
5 x 2xLP
2x 3xLP


Kanzleramt Record-Case Bundle

Both cases include new and identical 55 vinyl catalogue numbers spanning from most recent back to 1994, a good chunk of it rare and unlisted for a long time. To be exact 48 x 12″es, 5 x 2xLP and 2x 3xLP, making it 64 vinyl 12″ discs in total. All packed into an Kanzleramt aluminium recordcase. We didn’t offer the case at the time because it has some scratches from shipping. – Your choice number one at EDITION
a Kanzleramt aluminium Record-Case previously used by HEIKO LAUX as additional case for longer sets and still has a TXL check-in tag and multiple other flight sticker on it. – Your choice number two at EDITION