25 Years of Kanzleramt

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ka176 | digital
25 Years of Kanzleramt


A selection of 24 tunes of our history, some re-mastered, some in a new edit, and a new and exclusive 25th birthday track “Liquidism 3” by Kanzleramt label-boss HEIKO LAUX, generated newly of material from the Liquidism full length by Heiko in released 1998.



ka177 | 12″ | digital


Steve Rachmad’s first solo 12″ on Kanzleramt was on our wish-list for at least a decade. Just in time to start our 25th anniversary series “STERAC – 11“ is mastered and ready. Steve is showing all his experience and history so masterfully, that you almost can touch glimpses of the future.
“11“ is about the meaning of the number 11 and what figures it stands for.



ka178 | 12″ | digital
None The Wiser


Behold, we’ve got a new modular freak on board: DHYAN MØLLER. His original Megadon is here remixed by HEIKO LAUX for our 25th Anniversary. Followed by a French Quiz of JOEL MULL & HEIKO LAUX. And to conclude our pack of productions wich otherwise would have fallen into the cracks: RAY KAJIOKA & HEIKO LAUX show how happy mild cases of autism can turn out.


ka179 | 12″ | digital


Brian’s debut on Kanzleramt could not come at a better time as for our anniversary series. The new Berliner has updated his already massive sound with a new funkiness for Kanzleramt. “Anxiety“ is the pressure valve for everything wearing you down.



ka180 | 12″ | digital
Take Action


Ray keeps delivering very special gems, and especially excellent ones for our anniversary.
“Lacking” represents the lack of action about how we all move along as human kind. People seem to know what to do, but choose ignore it lethargically. Still, once you’ve been sucked into the realm of “Lacking”, there is hope at its prettiest. The flip-side of this is “Taking Action” – Ray description of a possible future if we only were better together. The pure drive of “Interference” is the can-opener to Ray’s world with lots of detail for his funk for you to approach and to play with.


ka181 |digital
Escape Room


Hendrik Vaak & Sven Elmlund are bringing the next great debut on Kanzleramt as STUDIO416. The duo previously released an album on Snork and have more history to bring from their individual careers, like releasing on Damage Music, Tresor Berlin and Modular Expansion. The 2 Berlin natives are catching the city vibe extremely precise, how the it feels and how you can surf it. This can’t be caught when you’re drifting through it, but only when you away to reflect it. So they did in “Escape Room”.


ka182 | 12" |digital


Alexander is concluding our anniversary series with his first solo appearance on Kanzleramt in 16 years with “Redemption”. The Berlin mastermind hits his tunes right in the heart of the Kanzleramt sound like they couldn’t belong anywhere else.


Welcome to our 25th anniversary

Yes, we are a quarter of a century in action and we are celebrating with loads of new original releases. For that we will step it up a notch this year. We have prepared some new contributions for the label along with returning collaborations and artists.

25 Years of Kanzleramt Mail-order Special Offer

For this special occasion we have prepared a very special offer for you. 25 items across all hardcopy formats for 5 € each.

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