Dedicated 2 All Believers

      Dedicated To All Believers Part 1
      Dedicated To All Believers Part 2
      Dedicated To All Believers Part 3
      Dedicated To All Believers (Moonside Playground Mix)

ka014d | digital

This release is available as original youtube video playlist from our own Kanzleramt channel, audio-stream or download anywhere. Here some recommendations:

Release Description

Sven Väth invited Heiko to play a live-set on his night at the Omen in Frankfurt in June 1996. That night sweat was pouring from the the ceiling and especially from air-condition pipes right over Heiko’s gear and mixing board, so some improvisation was due. Parts 1 to 3 are the tunes of that live-material organised for vinyl 12″ and recorded in the days after. And as a digital bonus an additional Moonside Playground Mix recorded with SAMMY DEE, Heiko’s collaborator from our beloved ka013 – Moonside Playground, about a year later.

All tracks of this release are fully restored and re-mastered in 2022.

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