ka166 | 2xLP
En Route

      Passa På*

* included in vinyl exclusively | ** included in digital purchase exclusively

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ka166 | digital

This release is available as original youtube video playlist from our own Kanzleramt channel, audio-stream or download anywhere. Here some recommendations:

Release Description

We are very proud to present Ray Kajioka’s debut album “En Route”. Most of the album was premiered in Ray’s live-set during our 20 Years of Kanzleramt celebration at Berghain in January. Others have been shaped and tested over 10 years to find the right frame to release on an album.
Our mastering engineer, who is recovering from surgery, said “the album is very therapeutic” and “the work on Ray’s album helped me heal”. This is proof to us, that Ray’s magic on “En Route” can uplift your soul, especially in Spring.