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Anniversary Bundle CD + T
kaTS20 - 20 Years Of Kanzleramt T-Shirt MEN
kaTS20Girl - 20 Years Of Kanzleramt T-Shirt GIRL
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Important NOTE for all shop users! 2016-09-13

Due to ongoing technical difficulties after our server-move we had to deactivate all physical and digital order-functions on this page for security reasons.

The availability and pricing of all physical items is still displayed correctly and can be ordered by email from our partner mail-order.

Kanzleramt downloads are available without change with almost any online-music store.

We will let you know about any further changes.

Welcome ROLANDO! and welcome back The PERSUADER! 2016-09-12
Welcome ROLANDO! and welcome back The PERSUADER!

Ray Kajika´s new vinyl 12" Consistency Remixes will be shipping later this week from our new partner in physical sales `dNp music´ in Berlin.

The release contains remixes by Detroit legend Roland, Heiko Laux and The Persuader aka Jesper Dahlbäck.

Have a listen...

Heiko Laux - Haulin´Ass Vinyl is avaiiable now: 2016-04-12
Heiko Laux - Haulin´Ass Vinyl is avaiiable now:

ka171 | 12"

The ka171 vinyl 12" of Heiko Laux´Hauin´Ass is available now. Digital will follow in two weeks exclusively with Beatport.

Check release...
Heiko Laux - Neutron (Dub) Video by NEST Leipzig 2015-12-25

Marcel Dettmann, Steve Rachmad & Yan Cook Remixes 2015-12-11
Marcel Dettmann, Steve Rachmad & Yan Cook Remixes

ka170 12" | digi

Part two of the remixes of Heiko Laux’ Fernweh album holds 2 new appearances on Kanzleramt: Marcel Dettmann and Ukrainian producer Yan Cook. Further in the pack are 2 mixes by Steve Rachmad and some special treatments by Heiko.

check release...
Luis Flores Joins Kanzleramt As Remixer 2015-11-27
Luis Flores Joins Kanzleramt As Remixer

ka169 12" | digi

Exactly one year after Heiko’s fifth solo album “Fernweh” was released, here now part one of treatments of his work. The remixes were done by fellow techno-producers Luis Flores & Ray Kajioka. The release further contains a collaboration mix between Luis Flores and Heiko and new mixes by Heiko himself.

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Heiko Laux' 5th Kanzleramt Full Length 2014-10-10
Heiko Laux

ka167 2xLP | digi

Heiko's new album "Fernweh"
is coming to stores and online-portals in late November.

You can have a sneak peak at the brand new heikolaux.com or go to the release here...
Ray Kajioka - En Route is out today 2014-05-15

ka166 | digi

Ray Kajioka's debut album "En Route" is available for download today:

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Ray's debut album on Beatport

next up Ray Kajioka - En Route 2014-04-18
next up Ray Kajioka - En Route

ka166 2xLP | digi

Long awaited and finally realized: Ray Kajioka's debut album "En Route" will be out in May.

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have a listen at soundcloud...
Anniversary Special Bundle 2014-03-13
Anniversary Special Bundle

For our anniversary special CD + T we have paired up two of out 20 Year anniversary items for a nice price:

For this bundle with our kaTS20 t-shirt you can choose one CD between the

ka160cd k-dubs
ka162cd k-themes
or the ka164cd k-remixes as in the picture for 29,- €.

go to the offer...

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Ray Kajioka - Consistency
Ray Kajioka - "Consistency"
Heiko Laux - Haulin´ Ass
Heiko Laux - "Haulin´ Ass"
 - Fernweh Remixes One
- "Fernweh Remixes One"
Rocco Caine - Shadows / Dozer
Rocco Caine - "Shadows / Dozer"
Heiko Laux - Fernweh
Heiko Laux - "Fernweh"
Ray Kajioka - En Route
Ray Kajioka - "En Route"
Heiko Laux - K-Remixes (Single Two)
Heiko Laux - "K-Remixes (Single Two)"
Various Artists - 20 Years Complete Collection
Various Artists - "20 Years Complete Collection"
Various Artists - K-Remixes (CD)
Various Artists - "K-Remixes (CD)"
Various Artists - K-Remixes (Single One)
Various Artists - "K-Remixes (Single One)"
Various Artists - K-Themes
Various Artists - "K-Themes"
Heiko Laux - Souldancer Refueled
Heiko Laux - "Souldancer Refueled"
 - Fernweh Remixes Two
- "Fernweh Remixes Two"