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Anniversary Bundle CD + T
kaTS20 - 20 Years Of Kanzleramt T-Shirt MEN
kaTS20Girl - 20 Years Of Kanzleramt T-Shirt GIRL
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Heiko Laux' 5th Kanzleramt Full Length 2014-10-10
Heiko Laux

ka167 2xLP | digi

Heiko's new album "Fernweh"
is coming to stores and online-portals in late November.

You can have a sneak peak at the brand new heikolaux.com or go to the release here...
Ray Kajioka - En Route is out today 2014-05-15

ka166 | digi

Ray Kajioka's debut album "En Route" is available for download today:

go to release...

Ray's debut album on Beatport

next up Ray Kajioka - En Route 2014-04-18
next up Ray Kajioka - En Route

ka166 2xLP | digi

Long awaited and finally realized: Ray Kajioka's debut album "En Route" will be out in May.

go to release...

have a listen at soundcloud...
Anniversary Special Bundle 2014-03-13
Anniversary Special Bundle

For our anniversary special CD + T we have paired up two of out 20 Year anniversary items for a nice price:

For this bundle with our kaTS20 t-shirt you can choose one CD between the

ka160cd k-dubs
ka162cd k-themes
or the ka164cd k-remixes as in the picture for 29,- €.

go to the offer...

out now digital: 2014-03-03
out now digital:

ka163 12" | mp3

K-Remixes - Single One with the debut appearances of David Alvarado, Mark Broom, Dustin Zahn and Rich Jones on Kanzleramt.

have a listen here...
20th Anniversary Merchanise 2014-01-13
20th Anniversary Merchanise


We're old and going grey..., but our print-shop said we should hurry with order before the melange-grey is sold out. It's a trend-color, they say..

check out our anniversary merch...
The 2nd of 3 Anniversary Compilations: K-Themes 2013-12-06
The 2nd of 3 Anniversary Compilations: K-Themes

ka162 CD | digi

For when the days get shorter here are some of our tunes of the last 2 decades, without 4x4 kicks or even completely without their drum shells.

Claude Young: All and all the best compilation of 2013 hands down! Congratulations to all involved!!!!

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Souldancer Refueled 2013-11-21
Souldancer Refueled

ka161 12" | digi

We’re closing in on the Kanzleramt 20th anniversary, so we proudly introduce another classic track, originally released on Richard Bartz’ imprint Kurbel, “Souldancer”.

You can read feedbacks and listen to release
The 1st of 3 Anniversary Compilations: K-Dubs 2013-11-07
The 1st of 3 Anniversary Compilations: K-Dubs

ka160 CD | digi

Yes, weʼre bloody 2 decades old and look, some of our back-catalogue gems are still fresh as on the first day. Weʼve added some new and exclusive material, so you canʼt say weʼre lazy bastards. If youʼve got champagne in your fridge, go pop the cork and have a zip on our 20th anniversary.

ka160 is available now...
History Updated - Moonside Playground 2013 2013-10-28
History Updated - Moonside Playground 2013

ka159 12"|digi

As the 1st 12” of the Kanzleramt 20th anniversary series, we hereby introduce one of our classic tracks ever “Moonside Playground” by Sammy Dee & Heiko Laux in a hlx Re-Construct and with a wicked Alexander Kowalski Remix.

Coming in November 2013.

>>> goto release
Anniversary Website 2013-08-19
Anniversary Website

for information about our upcoming big one, please check


Some of our history to watch:

Kanzleramt is turning 20 soon 2013-08-18
Kanzleramt is turning 20 soon

and here are the first presents for you already!

Here´s our anniversary Twenty Theme by 4K
(Alexander Kowalski, Ray Kajioka, Diego Hostettler & Heiko Laux)
as a free download.

The full version can also be found here in a little while.

ut19 - SPLINTER - 12" only 2013-07-23
ut19 - SPLINTER - 12" only

ut19 12"

Uturn is back in 2013 with a brandnew vinyl exclusive 12" by
Heiko Laux, Diego Hostettler & Rocco Caine called "Splinter"

out now!

find out more...
ka158 Ray Kajioka - Rotatory 2013-05-06
ka158 Ray Kajioka - Rotatory

ka158 12"|digi

Ray Kajioka´s Rotatory is out now here and with decks records.

For feedbacks on Rotatory and samples go to release...
Truncate Remix in da House: 2013-01-25
Truncate Remix in da House:

ka157 12" | digital

Heiko Laux & Diego Hostettler´s new release "Chicken, understood" is
including a massive "Truncate Remix".

Vinyl will hit the stores in mid-February, digital starts March 2013.

>>> check out samples and feedbacks...

>>> watch video on our youtube channel...

"Ray Kajioka - Thrill" On Vinyl 2012-04-10
"Ray Kajioka - Thrill" On Vinyl

ka155 12"

Ray Kajioka's "Thrill" EP is now available on vinyl.

>>> goto release
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Rocco Caine - Shadows / Dozer
Rocco Caine - "Shadows / Dozer"
Heiko Laux - Fernweh
Heiko Laux - "Fernweh"
Ray Kajioka - En Route
Ray Kajioka - "En Route"
Heiko Laux - K-Remixes (Single Two)
Heiko Laux - "K-Remixes (Single Two)"
Various Artists - 20 Years Complete Collection
Various Artists - "20 Years Complete Collection"
Various Artists - K-Remixes (CD)
Various Artists - "K-Remixes (CD)"
Various Artists - K-Remixes (Single One)
Various Artists - "K-Remixes (Single One)"
Various Artists - K-Themes
Various Artists - "K-Themes"
Heiko Laux - Souldancer Refueled
Heiko Laux - "Souldancer Refueled"
Various Artists - K-Dubs
Various Artists - "K-Dubs"
Sammy Dee & Heiko Laux - Moonside Playground 2013
Sammy Dee & Heiko Laux - "Moonside Playground 2013"
Ray Kajioka - Rotatory
Ray Kajioka - "Rotatory"
Heiko Laux & Diego Hostettler - Chicken, understood
Heiko Laux & Diego Hostettler - "Chicken, understood"
Ray Kajioka - Thrill
Ray Kajioka - "Thrill"
Zander VT - 44 Less Remixes
Zander VT - "44 Less Remixes"
Heiko Laux & Diego Hostettler - Guadaloop/Namib
Heiko Laux & Diego Hostettler - "Guadaloop/Namib"
Peter Horrevorts - Fire In The disco
Peter Horrevorts - "Fire In The disco"
Heiko Laux - The Cat On Barbed Wire
Heiko Laux - "The Cat On Barbed Wire"
 - Fernweh Remixes One
- "Fernweh Remixes One"
 - Fernweh Remixes Two
- "Fernweh Remixes Two"