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KA140 RAY KAJIOKA - "Simplify"

[release°: 2008-02-20]

12" - 10 € - available


mp3 12"-bundle - 3.99 €
including a1 - Solid | a2 - Drown | b1 - Rise | b2 - Pulse


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SamplesSINGLE MP3 320 kbps
a1 - Solid
a2 - Drown
b1 - Rise
b2 - Pulse
Ray Kajioka return with his 4th work on Kanzleramt “Simplify”!

Modify to simplify is Ray´s credo and so it is self explanatory that this release bears the tile “Simplify”.

The daily grinds with undulating ups and downs give Ray the pulse for making things straight without being ornate.

“Simplify” expresses the oscillation of life on four tracks.
So be “Solid” as well as “Drown”-ing, Ray produced this four-tracker under the influence of a big, 10l sake-box :-). “Pulse” to “Rise”... go ahead and turn on the controller of life!


Leandro Gamez: "again a stunning 4tracker from this guy. love it & play it for a long time"

Laurent Garnier: "brilliant as usual full support"

Dave Clarke: "really like Rise"

Funk D'Void: "amazing ep, this is true Kanzleramt sound, welcome back!"


label-artwork | infosheet pdf

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