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KA151 RAY KAJIOKA - "Sparks"

[release°: 2011-09-30]

12" - 07.00 € - available


mp3 12"-bundle - 2.99 €
including a - Spark | b1 - Tabla | b2 - Outsider


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SamplesSINGLE MP3 320 kbps
a - Spark
b1 - Tabla
b2 - Outsider
download: infosheet | artwork

Some say Sparks is Ray's best work
so far and we could not agree more.  The unison response from our early supporters is, that the indestructible sphere of "Spark" is shining very bright on the floors.

Earlier this year Ray Kajioka produced the track "Rayo De Sol" for a Various Artist release called “MakTub Essentials Vol. 2” on MakTub Music, India/ Ururguay.

Recently he remixed the new Indian producer Pawas’ with his track “Romeo” on MakTub Music, New Delhi, India, followed by two more remixes of “Pfung It” for Pawas on Ostwind, Germany, as well as a mix for Norbert Honkisch “Rainfall Of Happiness” released on NH Recordings.

Ray will appear again on Kanzleramt with another fresh release still in 2011.

Quotes about “Sparks” so far:

Funk D’Void:
Fantastic job from Ray, Kanzleramt is BACK!! L

Heiko Laux:
I had the great honour to spin out Sparks at Berghain last Saturday night as a world premiere. As people came and asked what that was, I was pointing out Ray, who was standing right next to the DJ-booth. It seems he made some new friends that night;)

Vince Watson, Bio:
Outsider is the one for me...defo support!!

Crazy Sonic, Vienna:
Ray Kaijokas EP is exactly the sound I want to listen to and play. Spheric bit not cheesy, really a good one. Thumbs up!!

DJ Pierre, Kassel:
"tabla" ist der track für mich!

Patrick Lindsey:
awesome release!! like and will play all 3 tracks!
love the new output from kanzleramt!!

Charles, Technasia:
outsider rocks! that one is for me
mp3 please :)

Estroe, Eevonext:
Love it! all three tracks!
Looking forward to play them this weekend,

Joel Mull:
stunning production and a god given funk from paradise!
full support on all these trax.
they all have their own momentum.
Good to hear this new beats from Ray!!

Estroe, Eevonext:
Oh, I've been preparing my set voor Electric Deluxe, Mysteryland all afternoon and this came just in time, really great stuff...
... It's the best I've heard between the overload of promo's this week.

Gabriel Le Mar:
vielen Dank für die superbe EP - ich als alter Indophiler fahre auf Table ab,
aber meisten kickt mich Outsider - genau die richtige Dosis Dub und guter Groove...
beste Grüße, Gabriel

Dave Ellesmere:
spark and outsider for me ...really great phat pumping tracks will definitely be dropping these puppies .....

Dustin Zahn, Minneapolis:
Outsider is great! Sparks has a nice vibe too! Ray K...a man of many talents! :P

Teo Schulte, Offshore Funk:
Outsider ist für mich der Gewinner unter den dreien…

Roberto Kaizen:
Outsider is the pick for me. Will try it out this weekend ;-)

Laurent Garnier:
Ohhh yessss , i’de love to also get this super moody organic funkyness
Soooo glad to get new music from Kanzleramt
A bientot      Laurent

Paul Brtschisch:
"nice soundscapes overall, i already love spark as an opener to a set, same as "outsider" seems to be a perfect track for the late hours in a set...never heard of ray kajioka
so far, but i´ll definately follow his productions from now on! great ep!"

Hallucin, Techstylism Lithuania:
Nice job! All tracks are great, but especially for me "Spark" is the king of all tracks with some magical feeling. Looking forward to check this EP on the dancefloor.

Angel Molina:
thanks once agian for the recod, this one is amazing, very varied and interesting the 3 tracks. Big support to it.

Vasily Borisov, Moscow:
Perfect example of how modern and quality electronic / techno music should sounds this days and another one Kanzleramt's future classic performed by Ray.All tracks are really cool done,love them all,such an excellent release.Thank you for the music and keep it going!!

Leandro Gámez:
Yes yes yes!, "Spark" is the hit & "Outsider" is the pull track.

Arjun Vagale, MakTub Music, New Dehli - India:
really amazing EP .. Tabla has to be my fav

Peter Kruder:
Finde Outsider supa. Bitte um ein Wav.

Electric Indigo:
outsider und tabla find ich cool - würd ich gerne spielen :)

Roberto Kai-Zen:
I played 'Outsider' last night in Room 2 at Fabric and it went off!

Mat, The-Zone Radioshow 88.9FM Rome & 88.3 New York
Yeah..send us the promos!

Ken Ishii:
Cool release - Tabla is the one for me, Thanks!

Darko Esser:
Amazing EP with 3 beautiful trax. Spark is my fav, tension & dynamics are very special in this one.

Alan Fitzpatrick:
really awesome man, great vibes!

Secret Cinema:
I love spark! Ray is one of my favorite artists and I'm happy to see him back on Kanzleramt! Great music! 5/5 Secret Cinema

Adam Beyer:
spark is the one for me, will play and support!

Darko Esser:
I love this record, Spark is an amazing mental mindtrip. Will play it a lot

Byron Bogues:
Fat EP. Will play Tabla & Outsider...!

Pär Grindvik:
love this release! "spark" and "outsider" is just great!

Stephan Bodzin:
good release. full support!

Falko Brocksieper:
great deep techno release. especially like the groove of "outsider" -- will play!!

DJ Pagalve, Vilnius, LT:
nice release! spark is definitely a dancefloor rocker, while outsider is more for afterhours. nice to see ray back on kanzleramt!

Michel De Hey:
like the new Ray!
You are back on track:)

Ben Sims:
loving this release, classy groovers as expected, great stuff!

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