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KA158 RAY KAJIOKA - "Rotatory"

[release°: 2013-05-06]

12" - 07.00 € - available


mp3 12"-bundle - 2.99 €
including a - Gravity | b1 - Rotatory | dx - Rotatory (Dub Mix)


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SamplesSINGLE MP3 320 kbps
a - Gravity
b1 - Rotatory
b2 - Fly (Vinyl Exclusive)
dx - Rotatory (Dub Mix)
load: artwork | infosheet

see video on our youtube channel

Quotes about “Rotatory” so far:

Joris Voorn:
Great EP!
would love to get the mp3´s..

Gabriel Le Mar:
thx again - prima VÖ - track no. 3 FLY gefällt mir besonders gut - ich liebe alles, was in Richtung DubTechno geht und das geht prima!

Frank Müller, Beroshima:

Fly and rotary are the one for me.  Nice vibes!!

Soren Aalberg:
Yet an other amazing release!! Love it!!!
Can´t wait for the dl link :)

Philipp Straub, Titan Vienna:
Huge tunes againJ Love GRAVITY and am sure it works perfect on the floor.

Mr. K. Alexi Shelby:
Track 1 was the best 1.

Dustin Zahn:
another massive RK bomb! I will hammer the shit out of the A1 track!

Angel Molina:
Heiko, more releases!! Great.
Here my tracks are ´Gravity´ and ´Fly´, so... wav´s possible??

Truncate aka Audio Injection:

Wow, really great EP!! Thanks!

Alexander Kowalski:
Ray = Master of fat Chords! More Ride Cymbal please!  ;-)

Material Object:

So Ray! nice work. wav pls!

Adam Beyer, Drumcode:
yes bitte!

Joel Mull:
What can i say.
Ray Your productions are crisp like a fried duck!
Gravity is my favorite. But they all have the edge.
Full support!!

Laurent Garnier:
Neeeed this ep of course ...........
can´t wait to play your new one this week end

Luke Sun, DC-funkfurt:
Gravity - rollender Floorkiller
Rotatory - deepes Brett
Rotatory dubMix - sehr schön zum aufbauen
alle Tracks gehören mit in meine Crate

Paul Mac:
Digging the original of Rotatory on this tough enough to not make it yet another "Dub" track. Definitely usable for me.

Anja Schneider:
really love the  Rotatory !! Will play and thxx for the wavs.

Charles, Technasia:
gravity and rotatory are dope, my fave being gravity! thanks!

Martin Landski:

great release i like all tracks here...My favourite is definitily "Fly"...Full support and mp3 PLEASE:...

Byron Bogues, 440Hz:
Yes, Rotatory is a killer. Very fat minitech-track...!
The Dub mix is a very nice variation.

Tom Hades:
I really love Ray´s sound so, in any case it matters, i will be supporting this release !!

Electric Indigo:
fly wäre sicher sehr brauchbar in meinen sets - mag das feine geklapper zu den chords und den minimalistischen ansatz :)

Magic B, Moscow:

Very good release with Ray Kajioka´s "trademark" sound quality and funky drum-programming - from "dancefloor oriented"  tracks to more abstract and dubby-vibes.Love it, thanks a lot!

Ben Klock:
bitte bitte..

Pär Grindvik:
love them all!! will play them all! kanzleramt for live! :)

I like the fly (vinyl) tracks, love 2 have wav.

Leandro Gámez:
Love "Gravity" more for the drums  than from the synth stab, "Rotatory" it´s simply great.

Marko Nastic:
nice one, definitely for me gravity!

Wouter de Moor:
"Great ep! I like them all, but "fly" is the winner for me!"

Arjun Vagale:
BOMB EP Ray, love it ...
Fly is really hypnotic, straight in the bag

Vince Watson:
some powerful dub action…in the bag it goes :)

Nima Khak:
Ray on Kanzleramt what can go wrong? Fantastic stuff per usual! Been waiting for Gravity a while now, bomb track ;) Will play and chart! Boom!

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