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KA161 HEIKO LAUX - "Souldancer Refueled"

[release°: 2013-12-13]

12" - 07.00 € - available


mp3 12"-bundle - 2.99 €
including a - Souldancer (hlx Re-Construct) | b1 - Souldancer (Jonas Kopp Remix) | b2 - Souldancer (Jonas Kopp ReSoul Mix)


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SamplesSINGLE MP3 320 kbps
a - Souldancer (hlx Re-Construct)
b1 - Souldancer (Jonas Kopp Remix)
b2 - Souldancer (Jonas Kopp ReSoul Mix)
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Closing in on the Kanzleramt 20th anniversary, we proudly introduce another classic track, originally released on Richard Bartzʼ imprint Kurbel: “Souldancer”. Heiko already compiled the Souldancer original on his album Spread on Kanzleramt (ka123) in 2005 and here come the all fueled up mixes by Heiko Laux and the Buenos Aires based producer Jonas Kopp.

Quotes about “Souldancer Refueled” so far:

Joel Mull:
The HLX Reconstruct mix has been my Secret weapon for the whole Year.
Thanks to The Laux Man for pimping me up.
The Kopp Mixes definetly will help me out too.
Both are very Nice tools.

Kanzleramt is HOT stuff!!

Soren Aalberg:
I have been playing the original one a lot back in the days.
I want this one so bad!

Funk D’Void:
AMAZING!!!! Best thing I've heard in a long time, love the original for years


Kr!z, Token Records:
Nice one. Wanna play both the reconstruct + jonas’ rmx this weekend.

Marko Nastic:
boom, love it! all mixes are boomb!

Adam Beyer:
yes please!

Send please! really good one..

Lucy, Stroboscopic Artefacts:
Loving the original vibe

Johnjon, Suol:
Rework is top!

Angel Molina:
One of my top 90´s tech tracks (and one of my still all-time-wanted 12" -on the clear marbled version) released again!!!!!!!!!!
All my support to it, obviously to the original mix and also to Jonas versions, very respectful with the original one.

Santiago Salazar (major people, los angeles):
Full support on these peak time jams.  

Pär Grindvik:
honestly, i would have shitted my pants if i got asked to remix 'souldancer'! that song means so much to me and so many people! i think jonas done it well, added some kopp flavours without getting to far away from the original! great thanks! happy birthday kanzleramt!! we love you!!

Alexander Lukat, Ovum, Rejected:
great remix from jonas kopp but the hlx re-construct is incredible. thanx heiko for 20 years of kanzleramt music…

As you already know my opinion on the originals…  These pay nice tribute to that..  Thanks!!

Ellen Allien:
20 jahre kanzleramt..
sind mal einfach 20 jahre..

Roberto Kai-Zen:
Absolutely sublime Heiko. Thanks for sending!!!!!

Gabriel Le Mar:
very emotional music and deep stuff!!!
I will play it out loud and chart.

Pelacha, Madrid:
nice very nice tracks, I will play sure! classical and modern sound together
It is perfect!

Rich Jones:
Wicked stuff! The original is a proper MDMA end-of-the-night anthem, and both remixes offer a different spin....really nice. Jonas is always on point. Will make use of all three mixes, lovely stuff :)

Dustin Zahn:
I've been playing the Kopp remix for a bit but your HLX reconstruct is really nice too!! A great way to take on the classic without going too far off course

Edwin Oosterwal, Rejected:
Great Re-Construct by Heiko! Also big fan of the Jonas Kopp remix.

Alan Fitzpatrick:
love this , fuck the label is on fire!

Marcel Janovsky:
i like the Jonas Kopp rmx, cool stripped down minimal-techno!

Truncate aka Audio Injection:
Love it! Download please :)

Sven von Thühlen, Suol:
"Souldancer" ist so ein Überklassiker! Die Remix sind sehr schöne Updates. Vor allem der hlx Mix.

Chris Liebing:
super fett. Lange auf die Neu VÖ gewartet!

Rodol Esteve, DocePulgadas International RadioShow:
Nice music, downloaded for DocePulgadas RadioShow!

The Advent:
Great release,,  like the Re construct version... will test for sure

Congrats on your 20 years of forward thinking..

Jonas Kopp:
Amazing , happy to be part of this history :)

Ken Ishii:
Simply great work/rework!!!

Bas Mooy, Audio Assault:
Great remixes on a legendary influential label! Thanks!

waves would be appreciated :)

congratz on the anniversary!

Magic B, Moscow:
Yeesss!! :) One of my all-time favorites is refueled! Great HLX re-construct (what a hi-hats,what a claps!!) as well as Jonas Kopp remix/Re-Soul.Love it!

Vince Watson:
Amazing….one of my al ltime fav tracks, and i never thought it needed a reboot, but good job guys..

gude heiko,

dein re-construct ist klasse und der jonas kopp rmx auch.
yeah das alte ding wieder frisch zum spielen.
her damit:-)

Chris Colburn:
Souldancer is so nice :) All versions!

Congratulations man, on all the years of fantastic music - respect ganz-style!

Cant wait for the big remix release!!

Ben Sims:
great stuff, fine new twists, look forward to playing it.
wavs pls

Charles Siegling, Technasia:
amazing classic tune, ready for another heavy rotation! love the resoul mix as well

Mark Broom:
Your label is on fire at the moment sir!....hit me with the wav's:) Super Shit!

Mat, The Zone Radio:
Yeah! Full support!

Patrick Siech:
I really love the original, so this was an easy one ;) Feeling your reconstruction most of the three, and would love to have it in my Invites Choice podcast. Can you hook me up with some WAVs?

Leandro Gámez:
Hands up for the Re-Construct!, the end of this classic piece of techno is simply awesome!. The darker version of Jonas Kopp is amazing too with that fat bass drum and full of details. Mental.

Fabrice Lig:
Heiko's remix for me ! Time to play back that classic !

Laurent Garnier:

my favourite track ever !!!!!!!!!!!!!
I still have the parts ....... and as i always promised , i will still do a remix of this when i will have time ...........
One day you'll get it  :-D  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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