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KA168 ROCCO CAINE - "Shadows / Dozer"

[release°: 2015-09-14]

12" - 8.50 € - available


mp3 12"-bundle - 2.49 €
including a - Shadows | b - Dozer


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SamplesSINGLE MP3 320 kbps
a - Shadows
b - Dozer
Rocco's debut on Kanzleramt was merely a question of time, as Heiko was hooked on Rocco's pure techno-bombs for years.

We're gonna celebrate this with a record release party at Tresor Berlin on the 26th of September 2015 with Alexander Lukat, Alexander Kowalski - live, Heiko Laux and of coarse Rocco Caine.

Here is what people say about Shadows/Dozer:

Beroshima / Frank Muller:
shadows is nice one.. will play it

shadows for me. big tune

Justin Berkovi:
Rocco Caine always drops some crazy production in his tracks, this is no exception! Solid! Can imagine Dozer doing some serious floor damage Thank you

Gregor Tresher:
two great tracks, and I will definitely play Shadows! thanks for the music.

Dustin Zahn:
Shadows is the perfect fit for Kanzleramt. Looking forward to playing it out! Great big room tension.

Alland Byallo:
Love both cuts here. Will definitely play Shadows. It’s melodic and emotive without being overwhelming. Nice and slick!

Ben Klock:
Love the EP – especially Shadows! Thanks!

Samuel L Session:
Shadows will work really fine, quality stuff!,,,

Philipp Straub, Titan Vienna:
Both great unique tracks as always!:)

Arndt / Radio Goethe:
Great. never heard of him, but will for sure play it on my show. Thanks

Ray Kajioka:
killer break the “Dozer” got!!! i’ll play this. but i like the “Shadows”, too!

Mat, The Zone:
Thanks for the music! Download for The-Zone Fm Radio Show.
check http://www.the-zone.it/radio/ for future playlist!

Cari Lekebusch:
Dozer time for me pliz! =) 10/10

Solid tunes! Shadows is my pick but will spin them both thanks!

Leandro Gámez:
Both tracks are great, i can’t say I like one more than another, each one has its own touch and i’ll definitely play them for a long time. Thanks.

Leandro Gámez:
Both tracks are great, i can’t say I like one more than another, each one has its own touch and i’ll definitely play them for a long time. Thanks.

Len Faki:
love that heavy bass deepness on shadows – play!

Angel Molina:
as expected, quality stuff out of fashion here inside. Love ‘Dozer’, that´s my pick on the release, thanks!!

diggin dozer!

Shadows for me!

Renato Cohen:
Strong Ep!
Both tracks are pretty good!!

Marko Nastic:
nice one, slammer

Funk D’Void:
fucking amazing, I’ve been a huge fan of Rocco for years

dope, like always.

The Advent:
nice colours & patterns in the darker side. thanks

Alexander Lukat:
great bombs from Rocco. Thanx

Speedy J:
Thanks, will test.

Jam El Mar:
…nice release! Thanks

Roberto Kai-Zen:
Shadows is truly special. Every time I think of Rocco and Kanzleramt, this is the kind of thing I hear. Full support!

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