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KA172 RAY KAJIOKA - "Consistency Remixes"

[release°: 2016-09-13]

12" - 8.5 € - available


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SamplesSINGLE MP3 320 kbps
a - Retro (Rolando Remix)
b1 - Constant (Heiko Laux Remix)
b2 - The Ratchet (The Persuader Remix)
Kanzleramt presents ‘Consistency Remixes’, a three track remix EP of as-yet unreleased Ray Kajioka originals, hinting at new material on its way soon from the Berlin-based artist and Kanzleramt mainstay.

The EP will land on vinyl in September of 2016 and features remixes from Detroit legend Rolando, as well as The Persuader (aka Jesper Dahlbäck) and Kanzleramt label-head Heiko Laux.

Press-Contact: finbar[at]wallroommusicgroup.com

www.raykajioka.com, www.facebook.com/raykajiokaofficial, www.facebook.com/kanzleramtmusic, www.youtube.com/kanzleramtmusic, www.soundcloud.com/kanzleramt

Quotes about “Consistency Remixes” so far:

Pascal FEOS:
oberfett alle drei tracks!!!
liebe grüße

Arndt Peltner / Radio Goethe:
Sounds great, would love to play it. Could I please get wav files?

Nihad Tule:
percy rmx for me, super cool!

Christian Smith:
alles mixes are GREAT!!!! full support!

Fabrice Lig:
3 great remixes ! will try all of these on the dance floor !

Ken Ishii:
Strong package with great pieces of music!

Alexander Lukat:
next great remix ep on kanzleramt… thanx

Marko Nastic:

Marcel Dettmann:

Alexi Delano:
Excellent, will play!
Ray Kajioka and Kanzleramt always nails it!!

Vasili Borisov - Moscow:
Haven’t listened the original yet, so it sounds like a three different and very cool tracks. Thanks for great music!

Phat! Thanks!

Dustin Zahn:
It’s really hard to pick a favorite as they’re all good! I usually play deeper so its likely I’ll play the Persuader mix the most, but they’ll all get play from me!

Roman Lindau:

Thilo Schneider:
thanks for the music!

Ray Kajioka:
thank you for the brilliant remixes!!!

Billy Nasty:
3 great remixes but Ro’s mix is the 1 for me 😀

Brian Sanhaji:
Alle 3 Remixe sind fett.
Meine Favs. sind der Rolando Rmx und der von dir.

Cari Lekebusch:
Wellnice all tracks! I will cop me a cop on this thanks!

Alex Bau:
the persuader remix fits to my sets, but cool mixes generally!

Alexander Kowalski:
Nice & deep Remixes. Looking forward to the new tracks! Full support!

Jonas Kopp:
Rolando Remix for me , thanks.

Renato Cohen:
Solid EP!
All tracks sounding great!

Anja Schneider:
gret ones. thx for the music

Angel Molina:
very into the whole release, but especially feeling The Persuader rmx. Thanks!!

Santiago Salazar:
I’m feeling all these remixes. Thanks!

All tracks are brilliant. An awesome package with a load of my favourite artists. Killer!

Damon Wild:
Great ep..one of the better promos of the week!

2000 and One:
My Fav track of this Month remixed, wow life is goooooooood.

Crazy Sonic - Vienna:
great tunes!!

Patrick Lindsey:
Great Release…lovin’ the Rolanda Remix a lot! also Heikos is great

Soren Aalberg:
Always happy when i receive new Kanzleramt music!
Huge fan! Thanks

Monika Kruse:
good remixes! will play!

Philipp Straub:
Heiko Remix for me!:)

Maarten Delsin:
Wow, that Persuader Remix is insane. Thanks for the music!

Joachim Spieth:
+ Heike

Will play Constant, thanks!

Edwin Oosterwal - Rejected NL:
Thanks for this! Amazing remixes and The Persuader Remix is something special.

Ben Sims:
solid set of mixes, ro wins the gold for me. thx!!

Jeremy Abbott:

Gregor Tresher:
Excellent release, Heiko´s mix my fav on first listen and Rolando´s mix great as well! Will definitely play!

Leandro Gamez:
Brilliant remixes from Heiko & The Persuader.

Gabriel Le Mar:
Excellent EP, “Constant” my fav tune here, cool movin tune!

Funk D’Void:
fucking awesome! full support!

Martin Landsky:
great ep.. Roland is my fav here…

John Selway:
yep yep yep.

Paul Mac:
All 3 working for me on that spacey vibe but Rolando’s mix is the pick. Great stuff

All mixes are solid on here. Playing. Thanks.

Really like the Heiko mix..

Great well rounded package. A+

marco bailey
Persuader mix awesome , Heiko mix too!!

Gary Beck
very cool and clever mix by the persuader thx

The whole EP is really nice.

Marcel Fengler
Will play! Thanks

hard to pick my fav here, great package - so deep.

Will play heiko’s remix, thanks.

Henning Baer
Great Persuader Remix!

Great remixes! I think Rolando remix is the one for us! Thx

Tassilo (Pan-Pot)
always been a fan of kanzleramt, another great release from my faves ray kajioka and heiko laux!

Etapp Kyle

Jesper for the win! What a remix, what a release!
RA September chart : https://www.residentadvisor.net/dj/heron/top10?chart=192980

AME / Kristian


Nicole Moudaber
heiko killing it

gel abril
quality remixes from al , tnx!

Orde Meikle
cool thanx

Arnaud Le Texier
Really great remix package!

Luca Agnelli
great pack, support

downloading for listen.

Jeroen Search
yeah cool stuff, all 3,

Pete Howl
Great package! Love all remixes and will play them all. Thanks!

luca morris(microdinamic)TERMINAL M,POLAR NOISE

Wow what an awesome package of heroes!! These are incredible mixes!! I don’t know the originals, but I love everything here. Thank you!

Juho Kusti

paco osuna
Will try thanks ;)

Go Hiyama
All tracks are cool. Especially Heiko’s one. Thanks!

all good...thanks!!!

Hector Oaks
Rolando remix is great, thanks!

Thomas Hessler
nice one!thank you!

Alland Byallo
A. MA. ZING. Every remix is perfect. Gonna beat the hell out of all three! :)

Tiger Stripes

carlo lio
rolando for me

Darko Esser
Dope!! into all 3

Tom Dicicco
Will definitely be playing.

Raphael Dincsoy (H-Productions,Lehmann Club)
heiko´s remix for me . thx

Dr. Motte
Solid Techno package. Downloading for Dr. Motte, thanks ( Please send wavs to play in sets, thank you )

This is a great collection of remixes. The Heiko Laux version has such a great vibe. Deep, dub techno at its finest.

Excellent remixers. Heiko and Jesper’s are my favourites!

Patrick Siech
All three remixes are super, but i’m amazed by the Jesper remix, it really took me somewhere else. Will play all of these starting tomorrow

bryan zentz
yes yes yes! all three are heavy hitters here. love them. curious to hear the originals now... thanks!!

Solid release. Thank you!

Hans Bouffmyhre
Rolando remix is classy!

Rich Hawtin
downloaded for r hawtin

Ian Pooley
What a great EP !

Danny Howells
Awesome release, seriously good stuff thank you!!

Nikola Gala
nice package ! thanks.

Joseph Capriati
downloading for joseph capriati, thanks !

Great release, I’m mostly into The Persuader Remix which takes me on that journey early morning hours! :)

Chris Liebing

The Persuader Remix for le thanks love the deep vibe !

Laurent Garnier  
Heiko & Persuader remixes for me ...........
Another strong release on Kanzleramt

Surit (NX1)
Really like the Rolando mix here.

Manic Brothers
Good stuff right here! Thank you.

Patrik Carrera
All mixes are great, will play Heiko and The Persuader mixes! Thank you!!

great release, every track offers something different and is fire!

Manic Brothers
Heiko is my favorite this time! Well done :)

Eric Cloutier
holy hell!!!

PRESS (as of Oct. 29th,  more in progress):

Mixmag / UK
Premiere of The Persuader mix confirmed for Sept 23rd

The Ransom Note / UK
Rolando Premiere Confirmed Sept 14th
No mix

DL of The Ratchet Confirmed for Sept 6th

Slam Radio / UK
Mix Confirmed for October (week of release)

Death Techno / UK
Big fan of his music, really unique! //
I am down for a Feature on Ray, love his stuff and I have spoken to him before so definitely interested in hooking this up.
Interview TBC

Boiler Room / WW
Thanks ever so much for bearing with me. Been trying to push this however it didn’t get the go ahead in the end. Please keep us in the loop with anything new that you come across though :)
No debut

Resident Advisor / WW
This will have to be a pass in terms of news, sorry
No news
Review TBC

Decoded Magazine / UK / WW
Many thanks for this. I will get it out for review later this week. We would also like to review the album when available.

If Only / UK
I think we’re going to pass on this one and the interview. It’s not really a good fit for the site, but appreciate the offer.
No review / no interview

Watch the Hype / UK
I’ll let you know if it gets picked up! Thanks for sending it over.

Tsugi / FR
Sorry, my podcast planning is pretty full (until November for the moment) and I have to make room for partnership-podcasts with french festivals.... Another time !
Thanks for the proposition though :) "
No mix
Let me listen to the album first the day its ready
Review TBC

Silence and Sound / FR
I listen And i’ll tell you
Review TBC

Midi Deux / FR
Yes I am interested
When could you send it to us ?
I could also publish a news. please could you send me the promo and any interested link
Mix confirmed, date TBC

Hi dear Finbar there’s a  physical  copy of this vinyl for the reviewer?
Review TBC

Altroverso / IT / Rome
News : http://altroverso.net/?p=41989
Interview confirmed, awaiting answers

Wicked Style / IT
i’m really interested in reviewing your releases.

Parkett Channel / IT
sure we can organize a podcast and a review of Rolando rmx into the same article, ok?
it is better to publish everything in September
let me know
Mix offered, turned down by team

Faze Mag / DE
Review : Thank you Finbar, will Check the release in the next days. Review for the oct issue of faze is possible.
Feature : (gig dependant) We realize a coop between Artists and us as a barter deal and get a free gig from them in return.
The gig is managed without booking fee but we pay for travel and accommodation.

Progressive-World  / Austria
thanks, I will check it out.
Review TBC

Electrokrazia Blog / ES
This is an amazing release !!!! Could you send me the download links ???
Review TBC

Pulse Radio / US
we are no longer doing music reviews, and we seldom have time for news on individual EPs or singles.

Blank Music / Greece / Athens
We can have this posted on the website and fb page by Monday-Tuesday. As far as the interview is concerned, I could send some questions by the end of the weekend, but we should have them answered by Wednesday, so that we have enough time to configure the article.
Interview confirmed, awaiting questions

Thirst 4 Beats / AUS
will do a review tomorrow.
Postponed to week of release

What Happens / BE
will write def about it.

Nowa Muzyka / PL
Yes, I checked the records. I will put the post about music Ray Kajioka on facebook page Nowamuzyka.

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