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Sense Fiction


      Sense Fiction Part 1
      Sense Fiction Part 2
      Consense Part 1
      Consense Part 2
      Pre Sense

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Release Description

“Sensefiction”, the science of senses, starts where consciousness loses the leading function and the senses them self get the master control. Senses are also responsible for the production of this album. Heiko Laux, the owner of Kanzleramt, presents on his new album his personal definition of techno in the new Century. All tracks were produced in Berlin and transfer the mood of the changes for the label as well as for the person Heiko Laux caused by the moving to Berlin to the listeners ear. The same as ever machines, the sensual mood of the „Liquidism“ continues, the Kanzleramt style, that helped the label to get voted again as label of the year ´99 in almost every German Dance Magazin.

Release Description

The vinyl format of „Sense Fiction“ is devided into 3 pieces: the pre-12“ „Presence“ released in ´99 is part 1 and has to be seen as the bridge from „Liquidism“ to „Sense Fiction“ the 6 track LP „Sense Fiction“ is the central unit including the main tracks, so called the essence of the senses finally a remix 12“ to be released before summer including remixes from the 6 track LP + bonus track „Sense Fiction“ is much more Heiko Laux then every record before!

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