ka047 | 12″
Dark Soul

5,00 12,00 

      Dark Soul Part 1
      Dark Soul Part 2
      Dark Soul Part 3

ka047 | re-mastered | digital

This release is available as original youtube video playlist from our own Kanzleramt channel, audio-stream or download anywhere. Here some recommendations:

Release Description

Alexander Kowalski´s „Dark Soul“ 12inch… first time available after more than two years! The Berlin based Alexander Kowalski is responsible for various projects like DisX 3 (Tresor, Konsequent), Mr. Discoteque (BCC), as Double X together with Stassy (Sender Berlin) and last but not least under his real name Alexander Kowalski exclusive for Kanzleramt. After his debut 12inch for Kanzleramt titled „Live“ featured two unchanged live recordings, Alex released his second 12inch “Dark Soul” in 2000 which includes the first solo-studio-recordings for Kanzleramt. This 12” gives you a taste for Alexander Kowalski´s follow up lp “Echoes”. The acutely harmonic tracks on “Dark Soul” are a tribute to the dark side of Alexander Kowalski and may belong to one of the best productions whithout a doubt in 2000.