ka084 | 12″

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ka084 | digital

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Release Description

In the last 2 years both members of Double X mainly focused on their solo-careers. Alexander Kowalski released his second album “Progress” as well as the 2 hit singles “All I Got To Know” and “Hot Spot/Delicious”. Just recently he contributed his talents to the collaboration album “Reasons” with Diego and Dennis DeSantis on kanzleramt. His Double X partner Tosten “Stassy” Litschko finally released the second album as Sender Berlin (with Hendrik Vaak) on Tresor Records. In early autumn 2002 Alexander and Thorsten recorded a few new tracks for their Double X alter ego. The 4 strongest tracks of that sessions made their way on the new 12inch. The title track “Charis” opens as a slow and mental introduction and the a-side twin “Inflame” fires a bundled staccato beat straight on the dancefloors. The most classic Double X tune “Hesitant” on the b-side features the full-power Kowalski beats in harmony with a strong Post-Detroit-Styled Sender Berlin influence. With the last track “Renounce” Double X presents their definition of deep house music.

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Original, White-label

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