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KA166 RAY KAJIOKA - "En Route"

[release°: 2014-05-15]

2xlp - 17.00 € - available


mp3 album-bundle - 9.90 €
including 01 - Strike | 02 - Depth** | 03 - Voyager | 04 - Linear | 05 - Chordular | 06 - Force | 07 - Seijaku | 08 - Voltage | 09 - Lisboa**


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SamplesSINGLE MP3 320 kbps
a1 - Ko-tori*
01 - Strike
02 - Depth**
03 - Voyager
04 - Linear
05 - Chordular
06 - Force
07 - Seijaku
08 - Voltage
d1 - Passa På*
09 - Lisboa**

artwork | infosheet                                                                   *vinyl exclusive | ** digital exclusive

We are very proud to present Ray Kajioka’s debut album “En Route”.
Most of the album was premiered in Ray’s live-set during our 20 Years of Kanzleramt celebration at Berghain in January. Others have been shaped and tested over 10 years to find the right frame to release on an album.
Our mastering engineer, who is recovering from surgery, said “the album is very therapeutic” and “the work on Ray’s album helped me heal”. This is proof to us, that Ray’s magic on “En Route” can uplift your soul, especially in Spring.

Quotes about “En Route” so far:

Ben Klock:
schöne Platte. Da werd ich bestimmt ein paar Tracks von spielen. Schickst du mir die Wavs?

Stephan Bodzin:
brilliant masterpiece. will play a lot of those tunes in here!!! thanks a lot!!!

Steve Poindexter:
I like the music send me some promo copies of all your stuff ps THE P 360 INC

Soren Aalberg:
really amazing stuff from Ray!
Love all his music. Truly inspiring stuff!

Kiko Martines, Doce Pulgadas:
As always Mr. Kajioka rocks!!! full support!

Joel Mull:
The master of the Kick the Harmony and Chords and spacey rooms.
Big Fan of Ray´s music since forever. Was very happy to see this album in my inbox.
Strike is a funky functional track. Def playing this one.
Linear, Chordular, Force, Voltage, as well. All very functional and clubby.
Thats very rare for a whole album.
These tracks will be weapons of choice for me!
Thank you for the MUSIC!!!

Rocco Caine:
Strike, Voyager, Linear and Voltage are great!

Gabriel Le Mar:
Tremendous release by my fav Kanzleramt artist Ray Kajioka - i am shocked about the great expressive quality of this album - best (Dub-)Techno album in 2014 so far…big-up!!!

Patrick Lindsey:
solid solid solid solid :) and pretty cool :) love the overall sound thru all tracks!

Roberto Bosco:
I'm A fan of this man! Thanks for sending me!

Claude Young:
Im a long time fan of Ray’s Work.
This album is absolutely AMAZING!

Ko-tori starts things off and right away you know your in for a a very special sonic ride!

The Next Track is the apply named Strike! A swinging jacking funk filled shock to the senses. Absolutely brilliant track and sure to fill many a dancefloor!

Other hi-lights of this album include…

Voyager - a swirly journey of funk.
Linear sure to bring the floor to its knees!!!!
Force a soulful groover, Seijaku a very cool atmospheric interlude, Voltage, another brilliant floor filler!!!

This album is the highlight of 2014 as far as club music for me. Its slick and sexy and powerful without being predictable. Its brilliant but this is a Ray Kajioka album, he never disappoints!!!!

DJ Emerson, CLR:
really cool LP: thanks!

Roman Lindau:
I´m a big fan of Ray! So many good tracks on this Album...wow...much Respect Mr. ;-)

Kr!z, Token:
I´m a big fan of Ray! So many good tracks on this Album...wow...much Respect Mr. ;-)

Crazy Sonic, Flex Vienna:
like a lot! clear and direct!

Marko Nastić:
1very interesting lp from ray, full support

Anthony Rother:
Ray has produced an album that is 100% Kanzleramt.

Yes! New tracks from Ray, I can't get enough of his music, I'm a big fan.
At first listen I like Depth, Voyager, Linear and Chordular the most.
Thanks and congratulations with the album.

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