ka091 | 12″
Belo Horizonte

9,00 30,00 

      Belo Horizonte
      Lightning Field
      Dynamite Sun



ka091 | digital

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Release Description

“Belo Horizonte” is the extra-large follow up to Mr. Kowalskis last years best-seller “Hot Spot” with Kitty Yo´s Raz Ohara singing. “Hot Spot” is one of the best songs of 2002 voted by the readers of the 2 most important german dance mags Raveline and Groove. “Belo Horizonte” contains the same titled a-side and 2 deep techno-smasher called “Lightning Field” (heavy-bass techno with melodic elements) and “Dynamite Sun” (old-school harder techno) on the b-side. The new Alexander Kowalski album will be released in late August 2003. His last years “Progress” album got voted as “Best Album 2002” by the Groove readers.

Additional information


White Vinyl, White-label

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