ka110 | 12″

9,00 12,00 

      Granulate Two
      Granulate Three
      For Boys And Girls
      Fiction 2 Future


ka110 | digital

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Release Description

Heiko Laux is on a dj tool trip playing around with Ableton´s Software “Live” using the granular synthesis in a practical and non-fictional way for direct hands on jams. Granular synthesis is an innovative approach to the representation and generation of musical sounds. The conception of a granular method of sonic analysis may have been first proposed by Isaac Beekman in his article Quantifying Music. Unfortunately, granular synthesis theory was not investigated further for quite some time. British physicist Dennis Gabor stimulated new interest in granular synthesis around 1946. Gabor believed that any sound could be synthesized with the correct combination of numerous simple sonic grains. The grain is a particularly apt and flexible representation for musical sound because it combines time-domain information (starting time, duration, envelope shape, waveform shape) with frequency domain information (the frequency of the waveform within the grain)”. Before magnetic tape recorders became readily accessible, the only way to attempt granular composition was through extremely sophisticated manipulation of a large number of acoustic instruments (as in many of the early compositions of Iannis Xenakis). The tape recorder made more sophisticated granular works possible. However, the laborious process of cutting and splicing hundreds of segments of tape for each second of music was both intimidating and time-consuming. Serious experimentation with granular synthesis was severely impaired. It was not until digital synthesis that advanced composition with grains became feasible. Ableton “Live” is the one of the best examples how easy and hands on one can nowadays use a scientific synthesis in music-productions without any knowledge about the theoretical backgrounds. It allows you to spontaneously compose, record, remix, improvise and edit your musical ideas. This jamming-character inspiried Heiko Laux to record a series of tools under his new aka HLX. Please enjoy this 5 spontaneous techno-funk skits.

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Original, White-label

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