ka171 | 12″
Haulin’ Ass

      An Elephant in the Silver Box
      Haulin' Ass
      Lil' 7

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ka171 | digital

This release is available as original youtube video playlist from our own Kanzleramt channel, audio-stream or download anywhere. Here some recommendations:

Release Description

Produced alongside his latest Klockworks EP, Haulin’ Ass marks Heiko Laux’s return to his own Kanzleramt label, following up a string of remixes of his much loved album, Fernweh. Haulin’ Ass is one of those rare releases that feels produced simultaneously for the club and for those listening at home. The short opening track sets the tone for what’s to come, with pungent, atmospheric chords and weightless percussion hanging over a thick bass line and a slow kick drum. This is followed up by the club-ready title track. Haulin’ Ass’ straight up kick drum propels its fierce arpeggio and cinematic echoes. Behind this, tightly enveloped white noise moves in and out of time, adding disorientating rhythmic complexity. The EP’s third track is a short excursion into dangerously acidic territory, and is definitely one for Heiko’s more adventurous listeners. Onyx, the final track, picks up this acidic thread and places it firmly in the club. Of the four, this is the one you’ll be hearing across Europe this summer. That’s not to say that Heiko plays it safe here, rather he takes this deep track in an unexpected direction. Towards its end it opens up into smooth pads before the powerful kick drum and bass lead return, undoubtedly alongside frenzied fist pumping.