ka124 | 12″
Crome Remixes


      Offshoots (Diego´s Corporal Flashback Mix)
      On Shore Leave
      Mega bit me (Spirit Catcher Way Of Life Mix)

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ka124 | digital

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Release Description

This release has the longest credit-line in all of Kanzleramt’s history!

This 12inch features two remixes of the most played tracks from the Offshore Funk album “Crome” and contains a brand new track from Offshore Funk himself.

After the last trip with Offshore Funk´s “Crome” it´s time to take the next ride in the Cadillac… Diego´s “Offshoot Remix” comes with a whiff of smoothness and transform “Offshoot” in a even more relaxed and deeper jazz-mood as the original version. Teo and Heiko had a session together in the studio again and have been unanimous to release “On Shore Leave” on the a-side of the remix vinyl. Soul- and playful is the second track of this record coming. The b-side with the Spirit Catcher´s “Way Of Life Mix” of “Mega bit me” comes with the sound of their polished future disco sound and traditional house-vocals, excellent embedded into the track. The “Mega bit me (Spirit Catcher Way Of Life Mix)” will be uncompromising directly targeted on the floor and generate some high spirit in the clubs. Jean Vanesse and Thomas Sohet are the creative-minds behind the Spirit Catcher which has become most in-demand house-acts. These two Belgians had releases on labels like Silver Network, Missive, Moodmusic or Polyphonic and tracks of the them have been remixed for example by John Tejada and Fabrice Lig.

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