Cinematique (Heiko Laux, Zander VT, Chopstick & Johnjon Remix)


ka156 | digital

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Release Description

This release has the longest credit-line in all of Kanzleramt’s history!

Heiko Laux created the first sketch of “Cinematique” with some piano notes in it and he passed it on to his Offshore Funk partner Teo Schulte. He had the idea to have his friend Bene Aperdannier, one of the best jazz-pianists in Berlin, play the piano on it. This later formed the lovely intro of the “Cinematic” original.

A similar but piano-less sketch of “Cinematique” was passed on to Peter Horrevorts. Peter added his own typical juicy and dynamic style to the track and before sending it back to Heiko’s studio, where the Cinematique’s original version was put together by Heiko and Teo.

After hearing “Cinematique” on one of their burger sessions at Heiko’s, Chopstick & Johnjon had a clear picture for remix and so the three of them started a session right away. As they played the Cinematique remix back at their own studio Fritz Zander heard the piano through the door and he immediately wanted in on the project. Fritz and his Zander VT partner Sven von Thülen were given the whole remix-arrangement of the three and so Zander VT went on shaping the mix further, ´til in a final session with their studio-neighbours Chopstick & Johnjon the “Cinematique Remix” got the final touches.

So at the end Kanzleramt’s last gem in 2011 has got 4 songwriters and 5 remixers. Well then: Merry X-mas!

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