ka154 | 12″
44 Less Remixes


      44 Less (hlx Dry Dub)
      44 Less (Little Fluffy Laux)
      44 Less (Diego's Orbiting Saturn Mix)

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ka151 | digital

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Release Description

Zander VT’s original 44 Less came out on BPitch Control’s sub-label MEMO in July 2006. The theme was that sticky to Heiko, that it finally inspired him to do play with the original sequences and give them a kick-drum, so he could play it out better in his sets. This all ended into this release with remixes by Heiko Laux and by Diego.

One more thing to mention: this release would have probably never seen the light of day without a facebook user, who heard the 44 Less hlx Dry Dub in a DJ-set of Heiko and wanted to buy the mix. So talks between Heiko Laux, Fritz Zander, Sven von Thülen and Ellen Allien on behalf on BPitch Control began what to do with the remixes. At the end he complained on facebook as long as it took to finally get his release out.
We say: tenacity wins! (you know who you are;)

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