ka126 | 12″
Let Things Slide



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ka126 | digital

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Release Description

Ray Kajioka is back with his third release “Let Things Slide”, a 12inch with four massive club-tools!

Already as a child Ray Kajioka (his mother gave him his name from the Soul & Jazz-legend Ray Charles) had fun to jingle on each object around him that sounds. “I have had music in me at all times…” Reason enough that Ray Kajioka´s parents present him his first Yamaha keyboard with 14 years and so he started to produce professional music. The day came that Ray got his first contact with Detroit-Techno at the Tresor club in Berlin. He loved the classical Detroit style from the very first time on and used this influeces for his productions. Nowadays Ray produced some releases on different labes and will release with “Let Things Slide” his third follow up 12inch on Kanzleramt. All four tracks sounds profound, melodic and dubby but always oriented to the dancefloor. It seems that Ray gave his productionskills a special polish to “Let Things Slide”!

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