ka118 | CD

3,00 9,00 

      Come On In
      Are You...
      Le Grand Crome
      Mega bit me
      The Cliff
      Le Grand Crome (Diego´s Whitewheel Mix)


ka118 | digital

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Release Description

This release has the longest credit-line in all of Kanzleramt’s history!

18 months after their successful Debut-Album, Teo Schulte and Heiko Laux proudly present their second Offshore Funk album Crome.

Inspired by some select tracks from the 50’s and 70’s including ones from: Steely Dan; Horace Silver; Isaac Hayes; not forgetting the classic Sounds of Philadelphia; Motown and Stax labels. Teo and Heiko have combined their advanced production skills with the very latest studio technologies to give Retro a brand new treatment and meaning, for this latest Offshore Funk sound. Crome is, musically, more ambitious than the last album. The ‘pay-off’ being that this new album spans a number of genres and offers the very best elements from Funk, Techno, House and Jazz.

The album’s 11 month production period was a real labour of love, with a strong focus on high quality composition and sound, seeing Offshore Funk evolving into a very unique and widely accessible new sound. The final selection of tracks on Crome, develop a superb listening flow which fully reflects the transitional growth of Offshore Funk since the debut album. Crome successfully inspires numerous moods: Take a road trip in the Cadillac – top down, foot on the gas, wind in your hair, blue skies, wide open space, endless possibilities; Pull over and chill – break open a beer, lie in the sun, watch the waves break, witness the sunset, drive into the night; Prepare to Party – crank up the sound, grab the keys, cruise into town, stomp your feet, dance ‘til daylight! This new, more mature Offshore Funk project invited 2 guest musicians to make a contribution to the new album. Teo and Heiko deliberately created a jazzy feel for “Are You…” and F-J, a highly respected composer and pianist, composed a perfect solo for the track. Diego’s conviction and enthusiasm, for the new Offshore Funk sound, is reflected in his considerable contribution to the album. He features on 3 of the 10 album tracks and contributed an additional remix of one of the tracks.

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Asia Edition, Promo Edition, Original

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